LA Industrial Gateway

144,600 SF
LA Industrial Gateway

LA Industrial Gateway


Introducing the LA Industrial Gateway, a visionary project by The Ruth Group that began as an Office conversion acquisition. In response to the widespread implementation of the work-from-home model across various companies, The Ruth Group astutely identified a tremendous opportunity for a more significant and elevated purpose—an Industrial Building.

Spanning an expansive 8 acres, this transformative project stands as a testament to foresight and adaptability. 

Embracing the shifting landscape of commercial needs, this project exemplifies The Ruth Group’s commitment to innovation and strategic investment. As an Industrial Building, it is primed to cater to the evolving requirements of modern industries, offering a dynamic and versatile space for businesses to thrive.


  • 405 and 110 Freeway Access 
  • 36’ Clear Height 
  • 15,000 SF of 2 Story Office 
  • 21 Truck Docks 
  • 2 Acres of Trailer Storage (IOS)


  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Land: 8 Acres 
  • Building Size: 144,650 S
  • Clear Height: 36’