The Enclave – Retail

25,000 SF
The Enclave – Retail

The Enclave – Retail


The goal was to transform a vast, underutilized grass field into a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot fast casual dining experience in a creative, collaborative and innovative indoor/outdoor environment. The project includes four thoughtfully designed buildings, carefully selected landscape and seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor space with inviting areas for dining, working, and leisure. 

Nestled between two esteemed Class A Office towers, The Enclave presents a vibrant destination, boasting 16 fast-casual dining experiences while emanating an ambiance of creativity and connectivity. The center features enchanting elements such as soundscapes, wifi accessibility, elegant fountains, and striking world class art murals, all culminating in an immersive experience for visitors. 

Leveraging Southern California’s enviable weather, the design maximizes the indoor-outdoor experience, fostering a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. Each restaurant features its own garage roll-up door, effortlessly merging indoor and outdoor elements, elevating the overall dining and leisure experience.

Embark on a sensory journey at The Enclave, where culinary delights, creative artistry, and a convivial ambiance come together harmoniously, creating a unique and unforgettable space for all to savor and enjoy.


  • Indoor / Outdoor Seating / Dining 
  • Wi-Fi and Sound Activated 
  • Dog Friendly 
  • Games (Ping Pong, Corn Hole, and more
  • Stunning Art Murals and Fountains 
  • EV Charging 
  • Family Friendly


  • Property Type: Retail 
  • Building Size: 25,000 SF
  • Fast Casual Restaurants: 16